[WEBINAR] Holding Title to California Real Estate: Community Property

California is one of just nine states in the country that are community property states. In a community property state like California, all assets acquired while two people are married are considered "community property". This has important implications on how the property is owned, what rights each spouse has, and what happens with the property after death or separation. When two spouses purchase real estate together, they can hold the property as community property, as opposed to holding title as joint tenants or tenants in common. On Monday, September 16th at 10am, real estate attorney Lorena Roel will be presenting a free webinar about holding title to property in California, specifically focused on Community Property. This webinar will highlight key elements of holding title as community property and will cover important considerations for married couples purchasing property together. As the second installment in our firm's Holding Title webinar series — Part 1 covered joint tenancy and tenants in common — this webinar will focus only on community property, including: • Purchasing Property Before Marriage & After Marriage • Determining Community Property vs. Separate Property • Process for Creating Community Property • Rights of Each Party When Holding Title as Community Property • Agreements Between Spouses • Liabilities Under Community Property, and Much More!