Drive for Change Challenge with Jack Canfield

Get coached by Jack over 5 days game-changing days to reset your motivation and liberate yourself from whatever fears, distractions, worries, or other obstacles are stopping you from living the life you want! Join our Official Challenge Facebook Group to fully participate: Here’s what our 5-day challenge will look like: DAY 1: GET IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT – Discover the ways in which you’re giving away your power – so you can get back behind the wheel of your life and steer your efforts in the direction of your dreams. DAY 2: KNOW YOUR DESTINATION – Get clear on your destination and confirm that you’re pointed in the direction of your goals – and that your intended end point is somewhere you actually want to be! DAY 3: MAP OUT YOUR ROUTE – There are an infinite number of roads to travel in life! Learn how to identify the best route for you so you don’t get stuck spinning your wheels in the middle of nowhere. DAY 4: HANDLE THE DETOURS – No road is obstacle free! Learn how to prepare for unexpected roadblocks and respond to them with agility and ease so you can get back on the fast track to your dreams. DAY 5: TAKE THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED – Everything you want lies just beyond your comfort zone. Learn how to drive bravely into unknown territory, knowing that you will thrive no matter where the road leads.