$4,000 Frontier Global Poetry Prize

The moment when poets meet poets, across oceans and cultures and continents, drives our team at Frontier. The magic of that meeting is our heart, the very meaning of our name. With the Global Poetry Prize, we're seeking to make specific and deliberate space for our community that stretches beyond the borders of the United States. This year, we're focusing on three distinct regions: South Asia, Africa, and Europe. Our team will choose ten finalists to represent each region to send to the three individual judges, and they will select each select a winner to represent their region. These winners will receive $1000 and publication on Frontier Poetry. Every poem submitted will also be considered for publication. Submissions are open to poets who identify as having significant and deeply rooted connections to the region they seek to represent. You do not have to currently reside in the location. We welcome writers who have complicated identities and histories, but we will not choose writers who would be tourists in the region they wish to represent.