Garstin Sunrise Hike

It is a bit unusual for us to do a sunrise hike on a weekend. I am heading out to LA, but I want to catch a sunrise with the group. Garstin/Shannon Loop is a workout. All those who have hike Garstin with me in the past know that 750 climb is not easy, but it is rewarding...Add a sunrise on and it is magic! The whole hike is just under 4 miles and about 1000 ft climb and drop. We have seen big horn sheep on this trail... Technically this is a no dog hiking area. I have seen people with dogs...I have seen people arguing with people about their dogs. Use your best judgment. Just don't say Jason Said I could bring my dog..... Bring water for we are covering 4 miles. Be brave and catch a sunrise Meeting Place is at the Garstin Trail Head in Palm Springs Borgat Trail and Barona Rd Google Maps Link Departing at 5:45 am sharp! We finish around 7:45 am Jason Bruecks

 Garstin Trailhead, Earl Henderson Trailhead, Barona Road, Palm Springs, CA, USA