Emil Carlsen’s technique : what we know.

There is little discussion in the history books about the actual painting technique of artist Emil Carlsen. In the late Victorian era, the idea of talking about painting technique in itself, separate from other aspects of painting, would not usually have been done. But, during Carlsen’s lifetime as a teacher, he started to formalize his own ideas of painting. The ideas, however, were largely about painting concepts and ways to approach it and less about the specifics, as seen in his advice to young students of painting in the Palette and Bench article in 1908 “On Still-life Painting.” In this lecture, on one of the most important still-life painters of the 20th-century, Director of the Emil Carlsen Archives, and curator & executive director of Salmagundi’s, William “Bill” Eric Indursky will present all the facts about the artists painting technique and materials that are currently known. It will include the recent discovery of the artist’s ground as well as review the many styles the artist and more. A not to be missed lecture.