Smoking cessation care for pregnant and postpartum Indigenous Australian women: a collective approach

Effective smoking cessation care (SCC) can save unnecessary loss of lives and smoking-related life long morbidity. The urgency of quitting smoking during pregnancy cannot be emphasised enough. Therefore, we put our effort to enhance SCC for pregnant Indigenous Australian women to support them to quit smoking for themselves and their families. Our research shows that smoking by Indigenous people is often influenced by numerous contextual, immediate social surroundings and personal factors, requiring SCC to be orchestrated at multiple levels and to be comprehensive. This presentation will be from Associate Prof Gillian Gould and members of her team to present their research on multiple aspects for interventions to address some of the major barriers around SCC. Ms Tabassum Rahman will present her systematic review about how the socio-ecological model can be applied to the barriers and enablers on system, health service, community and individual levels for the topic. A/Prof Gould will present the phased development and trials about the SISTAQUIT intervention (formerly ICAN QUIT in Pregnancy) that included an online training package for health professionals providing care to pregnant and postnatal Indigenous women, patient resources and free oral nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). A successful pilot study led to the randomised controlled trial of SISTAQUIT (Supporting Indigenous Smokers To Assist Quitting) and a national roll-out of the SCC care package as iSISTAQUIT, accompanied by a social media campaign. Dr Pari Eftekhari will present her research plan to engage family members, especially partners, in smoking cessation in pregnancy. Her research will explore partners perspectives to smoking cessation in pregnancy through our qualitative research project

 Zoom Webinar