Learn How The Canadian Government Supports International Students. Join us on 27th May via IG Live

#COVID-19 has changed the health narrative (with economic sectors) of both developed and developing countries. Attending the chat session with Stuart Rennie   - A West African Consultant For Carleton University, Canada is your best chance of having updated info about all the Canadian Government is doing to support international Students against 2020/2021 intake. Join via https://www.instagram.com/mytgmeducation/ Join the Instagram Live Chat session so as to have all necessary info about our courses, the application process, scholarships/tuition discounts, the support available to you and what university life is like in and outside of class, flexible study modes and more about our undergraduate/postgraduate study at Carleton University Date: Wednesday 27th May 2020 Time: 3.30pm Location: TGM Education Instagram Page (@mytgmeducation) Join via https://www.instagram.com/mytgmeducation/

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