Live Broadcast - The Economics of Unsubsidised Projects – Do they still work as demand and power prices change?

This session will look at the impact of the lockdown, and longer trends towards cannibalisation and downward prices for power to ask how unsubsidised projects could work in the future and whether we have hit the bottom of the valley, or have further to go. The reality of unsubsidised solar development Insight into recent projects: UK, Italy, Spain and the wider context on the horizon Future-proofing revenue streams – deep dive into PPAs and merchant solar Future-proofing design – technologies that deliver an uplift in revenue Presented by: Aldo Beolchini, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer, NextEnergy Capital Stirling Habbitts, Director, Green Giraffe PLEASE NOTE: You must register (free) at to receive an email with the URL for this seminar. You only need to register once to access all the seminars during the Large Scale Solar Week (18-22 May 2020)