Kalicube Tuesdays Special Edition

A Deep Dive into KELM and MUM The relationship between language models and the Knowledge Graph. Bill Slawski, Dawn Anderson, Andrea Volpini and Jason Barnard discuss the ins and outs of MUM and KELM and how they might affect the evolution of the Knowledge Graph in the coming years. More specifically, we’ll look at the relationship between language models, Google algorithms and the Knowledge Graph and shed light on things that we might usefully do to improve our entities in the Knowledge Graph using language (so, how language models and knowledge graphs interact). Bonuses (Boni ???!!): Jason will share the results of some of the 500+ experiments optimising entities for the Knowledge Graph. Andrea promises to reveal if there is a way to do SEO for Machine Learning language models like GPT-3! BIll will share his insights into the patents that underpin these technologies. Dawn will dispel some of the myths (hint – months or years away) and tell us where Google is ‘at’, where it is going and how fast this is likely to move forwards in the coming months and years.