Encore Presentation (Includes Live Q & A!) Beyond Chocolate and Vanilla: The Delicious History of Ice Cream - featuring Sarah Lohman / Culinary Historian

In the 16th century, alchemists discovered the secret to lowering the freezing temperature of water to zero degrees Fahrenheit. In less than a century, chefs were using this technique to create the world’s favorite dessert: ice cream! This talk will take a fascinating look at the history, science and social impact of ice cream. Culinary historian Sarah Lohman will guide you through the stories of some classic—and not so classic–ice cream flavors: from chocolate and vanilla, to ambergris and brown bread. We’ll talk about what gives ice cream it’s unique scoopable softness, as well as the impact of ice cream parlours on 19th century feminism and sexuality. You’ll discover which came first: the ice cream sandwich or the ice cream cone? We’ll even look at the surprisingly old origin of Dippin’ Dots (turns out the ice cream of the future was actually conceived over a century ago!)