Encore Presentation (Includes Live Professor Q & A!) The Power of Mindset - featuring Catherine Sanderson / Amherst College

The Power of Mindset This presentation describes cutting edge research on the power of one’s mindset – literally meaning the setting of the mind towards a particular set of expectations – on influencing thoughts, feelings, and behavior. In this class, you’ll learn how making subtle tweaks in mindset can lead children to perform better on challenging math tests, college students to show improvements in their vision, and older adults to score higher on memory tasks. You’ll also learn about the substantial impact of mindset on physical health. Would you believe that simple shifts in mindset can lead to faster walking speeds, decreases in blood pressure and body fat, and increases in life expectancy? At the conclusion of this talk you’ll learn specific (and relatively easy) strategies for changing your own mindset, which can lead to better psychological and physical well-being.