Self-Control: Taming the Impulsive Beast - featuring C. Nathan DeWall / University of Kentucky

When asked to consider their heroes, most of us list inspirational figures who overcame tremendous odds to achieve success, such as Albert Einstein, Sally Ride, Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey, Martin Luther King, Jr., or even the Beatles. We place these people on pedestals because they share a common human strength: self-control.  This talk discusses research that links self-control to individual, relational, and societal well-being. Professor DeWall will begin by defining self-control and making the case for its role in personal, relationship, and societal well-being. He'll go on to discuss how self-control relies on a limited energy resource that actually becomes depleted after prior use. He'll conclude by demonstrating the interplay between self-control and personality, biological, and social processes. This unique talk also will provide useful activities that will challenge us to reconsider factors that contribute to their personal, professional, and relationship success.