The New Longevity: Reimaging the Second Half of Your Life - featuring Michael Clinton / Hearst Communications

If you are 45 or older and healthy, there is a very good chance that you will live to be 90, or even 100. While there was a slight dip in life expectancy due to the pandemic, the new longevity will mean that all of our life patterns and cycles are going to change. The "Reimagineers" are the group that are rewriting the script for the second half of life. They believe in rewiring vs. retiring and starting new careers or entrepreneurial ventures. They are establishing new lifestyle patterns for living and for relationships and are pushing back on the ageism that exists in all spheres of our culture. At the forefront of this social movement, the Reimagineers embrace that “50 is the new 50” and “60 is the new 60.” In this talk, Michael Clinton will share with you his findings from interviews, research and writings on how you can join the emerging Reimagineers. His four-step process includes: life layering, lifelong learning and the reassessment of your own self-imposed barriers.