Encore Presentation (Includes Live Professor Q & A!) Thoreau, Emerson, Walden and More: Answering Big Questions - featuring Caroline Winterer / Stanford University

Stressed out? Looking for inner calm? It turns out that mindfulness has been with us for a long time. Join Stanford historian Caroline Winterer for an exploration of a remarkable group of 19th-century Americans, the Transcendentalists, and how they coped with a chaotic world transformed almost overnight by massive technological and social changes. We’ll look at Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller, John Muir, and other writers and artists living everywhere from the shores of Walden Pond to the snowy peaks of Yosemite. Like us, they were looking for answers to the Big Questions. A lot of the way we think about our world today came from this extraordinary group of people: ideas about nature, the individual, self-reliance, and being fully present in the moment. What can we learn from them in our own stressful era? On the 60th anniversary of her death, cultural historian Amanda Hallay discusses the evolution of Marilyn Monroe’s legend, and why we seem unable to truly say “goodbye” to Norma Jean.