YSP Webinar Series: How to Afford a College Education

Join Y-Scholars Program for our first session of our Be College Ready Family Webinar Series. We will explore the costs of a college education nowadays and what families can do to plan ahead. --- The price of a college education rises every year. It is important for you and your family to be informed on the cost of attendance and the types of resources that are available out there for you. That way, you can make intelligent decisions on how to pick the school that is a good fit for you and your budget! In this workshop, families will: - Understand cost of attendance for the 4 main college systems: UC, CSU, CC, and Private Schools - Understand the role of financial aid and the importance of applying to scholarships early - Know the importance of creating a savings plan​ --- The Y-Scholars Program is a college readiness program offered by the YMCA Teen Center. Our mission is to guide first-gen high school students so they will pursue and obtain a college education.