Brain Innovation Days: Connecting Brains

The Brain Innovation Days are led by the European Brain Council (EBC), a network of key players in the brain area, with a membership encompassing scientific societies, patient organisations, professional societies and industry partners. The concept of the Days comes from both within the brain and start-up communities, fusing together to showcase the potentials within the wider brain space. Around the world, researchers, clinicians, businesses and more are working to not only understand the brain further but to use this understanding to develop novel treatments and care for the diseases within our most vital organ. This event aims to act as a platform to encourage interaction between the communities within the brain space and to showcase ongoing innovation and vital progress being made. This year’s theme is Connecting Brains, alluding to the mission of the Brain Innovation Days to bring the brain community together and encourage contact-building, knowledge sharing and exchange to fast-track innovation for the benefit of brain research and those living with brain conditions. We look forward to again bringing together the wider brain community: researchers/innovators, start-ups, investors/funders, industry, clinicians, patients and patient representatives, policymakers, scientific societies and any others interested in making an imppact in the brain space.

 Brussels, Belgium