Sacred Science with Rabbi Geoffrey A. Mitelman – Dr. Agustín Fuentes

This week's guest: Dr. Agustín Fuentes Climate change. Genetic engineering. Truth and falsehood on social media. The psychology of how we flourish. For most Jews, we look to science for knowledge and wisdom on how to think and talk about these topics. But they also raise deep religious, ethical and philosophical questions, as well. Unfortunately, our political and cultural conversation pits "science" against "religion," rather than trying to explore and integrate these human questions from multiple perspectives. "Sacred Science," hosted by Sinai and Synapses Founding Director Rabbi Geoffrey A. Mitelman, talks with professors and rabbis, academics and practitioners, and scientists and religious thinkers to help us move beyond a simplistic and false "either / or" dichotomy to go in depth on the biggest questions we face in this world -- personally, societally, and globally.