Tissue is the issue? - Pathological Comparison of FNA and FNB Tissue Samples

There is much debate about the benefits of FNB needles for endoscopic fine-needle aspiration. But are FNB needles always the right solution? The speakers will look at the two types of needles (FNA and FNB) and outline the evolution from FNA and cytology to FNB and histology or DNA molecular analysis. In addition, technical differences between the use of FNA and FNB are reviewed. Is it possible to develop a guideline for which cases it is best to use FNA or FNB needles? Is there an overall benefit to using FNB needles or can the same result be achieved no matter what type of needle is used? The speakers will present their views on the topic and show various cases. The webinar will also shed more light on the GI physician's collaboration with the pathology team and why this is critical to a successful outcome of the procedure. We will discuss the difference between ROSE and MOSE and what it takes to prepare a good sample for pathological analysis.