2021 Canadian Herb Conference

RESILIENCE, RECIPROCITY, RESPECT. These are strong words carefully chosen for turbulent times. 2020 was an unprecedented year for all of us, both personally and professionally, and 2021 so far has been no less challenging. Resilience: The capacity to stand strong in the storm. A tree is resilient that can bend and sway with the wind but not loosen its roots. It can withstand the vicissitudes of time, of pest and predator, and can renew itself after damage. Reciprocity: The practice of giving, receiving and giving back. To practice reciprocity means to join into the circle dance of community and cooperation and of compassion for other. It is the embodiment of the adage “love thy neighbor as thyself”. Respect: The act of acknowledging the value and worth of each person in the circle, of believing in each of their capacity to live to their highest good, and of their right to be heard.