Tanzbüro Berlin: Overview of the (Berlin) funding landscape

The consultation session offers an insight and overview of the funding programs in the field of dance and performing arts: from project funding to residencies, (foreign) scholarships, thematic or contextual funding programs, such as NEUSTART KULTUR, as well as the consulting services and networks of the Berlin and (inter-)national dance scene. Above all, the consultation session offers time and space for individual questions and concerns of the participating artists in the field of dance, performance and Berlin’s funding landscape. A tour of the Uferstudios site with its diverse actors is part of the workshop. Open to artists of all disciplines – the focus is on dance/performing arts/performance. Workshop direction: Jenny Haack, Tanzbüro Berlin Registration: [email protected] Participation in the consulting workshop is subject to compliance with 3G regulations; indoors, the wearing of a nasal mask (FFP2 or medical mask) is mandatory. We are guided by the currently valid hygiene regulations of the Uferstudios. *Tanzbüro* Since 2005, Tanzbüro Berlin has been the central point of contact, advice and networking for the Berlin dance scene. We are committed to advising artists, networking actors, ideas and resources, strengthening dance as an art form, and making the city’s diverse dance offerings visible. https://www.tanzraumberlin.de/ *Jenny Haack* Jenny Haack has been working in the management duo of Tanzbüro Berlin since May 2021. She first moved to Berlin in the early nineties and has now lived here for more than 20 years, with strong roots in Berlin’s independent dance and arts scene. Among other things, she founded and directs the soundance festival berlin (since 2017) and was a board member of Zeitgenössischer Tanz Berlin e.V. 2019-21. Her curiosity about new interfaces of dance, art and society characterizes her work in the fields of consulting, organization and networking. As a trained artist and dancer-choreographer, she has also been working as a cultural manager, curator, lecturer and festival director for several years. https://www.jennyhaack.de/

 Uferstudios GmbH, Uferstraße, Berlino, Germania