Life Plan Workshop: [Part #1: Feb 28th]

Welcome to the Life Plan Workshop 2023! Zoom Link: In this workshop, you will discover how to create an Awesome Ordinary life with your loved one with a developmental disability. This is a FREE 2-Part workshop: Part #1: Starting Your Life Plan, LIVE on February 28th, 2023, @ 7 PM Eastern Time Part #2: Discover the 7-Step Life Planning Process, LIVE on Mar 2nd, 2023 @ 7 PM Eastern Time To get the most out of this workshop, attend both Part #1 and Part #2 LIVE. By attending Live, you will take more steps forward, connect with other families, and you will get the bonus PDF Workbook for each session! We will be using the same Zoom Link for both Part #1 and Part #2 of the workshop: Zoom Link: Zoom Meeting Details Meeting ID: 844 8559 6266 Password: 7777

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